STOP will work to bring education and awareness to Stokes County citizens regarding proper use, storage and disposal of prescription drugs and other medication, ultimately creating a safer, healthier environment in our homes and community.


 FACT :    October is National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month.




 Secure your medication in a dry, locked location.  

(Bathroom medicine cabinets are often moist and easily accessible by children, family members and the first place a drug seeker would look.)

Take medication as prescribed by your health care professional.

0nly take medication prescribed specifically for YOU

       Don’t take other people’s medication; NOT even family. Don’t share your medication.

Pack up old and no longer needed medications and take them to the disposal locations listed on the site.


Find out more about Rx abuse and stay on top of the research and facts by subscribing to the National Rx Drug Abuse Summit e-newsletter.  Click Here



If you or someone you know might have been poisoned or ingested unknown medications call:

 North Carolina Poison Control Center:  1-800-222-1222








Northwest Community Care Network


Logos listed below are supporting partners for our project:  Unlimited Success, Stokes Citizens for Safe and Healthy Communities, United Fund of Stokes and Northwest Community Care Network.  We greatly appreciate them!







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